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Selection criteria

Focus on sustainable programmes

The Trafigura Foundation supports programmes that achieve effective and lasting impact in two areas of action: Sustainable Livelihoods and Clean and Safe Supply Chains. We also fund projects proposed by Trafigura Group's staff (Community Care initiatives). 

The programmes we support must contribute to help vulnerable communities reach their full potential. We back programmes that build local capacities and articulate a clear vision on how to increase the autonomy of beneficiaries.

Selection of programmes

The Trafigura Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications and funding requests. The Foundation's executive team proactively scouts new programmes according to its funding priorities and strategic axes. Potential partners are contacted by the Foundation and encouraged to submit a project proposal. 

All projects proposals are first screened by the Foundation’s executive team. Proposals having successfully passed this initial screening are formally reviewed by the Foundation’s Board. The Board takes into account the relevance of the project with respect to the Foundation’s mission and portfolio. The Board also assesses the projects’ efficiency and impact. Upon a positive outcome, the Foundation gets in touch with the successful applicant to define the funding agreement.

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