Swisscontact, Bolivia

The Trafigura Foundation supported Swisscontact’s extensive study to advance change in the transport sector’s waste management in Latin America.

As a consequence of Latin America’s rapid economic development, the continent’s automotive industry has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, transport sector’s waste management measures and regulations haven’t followed.

Thanks to the support of the Trafigura Foundation, independent NGO Swisscontact has delivered an extensive study about the implementation of an integral waste management project targeting the transport sector in Bolivia. The study focuses especially on four types of waste generated by the transport industry: used tires, used acid-lead batteries, used lubricant oils and scrap metal.

Among the main findings, the study reported that the Bolivian transport sector generated 3 million of used tires in 2017, of which only 3% have been properly handled in recycling plants. Moreover, 57% of cars are 10 years old and 600,000 vehicles are more than 20 years old: their scrap metal’s waste disposal will represent a significant challenge in the near future.

The Trafigura Foundation is proud to have supported Swisscontact in the production of an important study whose findings will provide critical information about measures for the adequate collection, decontamination, and treatment of vehicles’ waste and potentially lead to an action plan to manage waste in a systematic way.

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