SOS Femmes, Switzerland

SOS Femmes supports the reinsertion into mainstream working life of women with difficult socio-economic backgrounds.

In 2017 the Trafigura Foundation began to support CREATURE, an initiative of the Association SOS Femmes. This is a social enterprise based in Geneva which focuses on the production and creation of fashion items (clothes, stationery, bags, jewels, and other fashion accessories), made with the use of recycled fabric. The designers and producers are women from a difficult socio-economic background for whom involvement in the fashion industry represents a way into the Swiss job market.

The partnership with the Foundation will help SOS Femmes create a “Lab-Fab”, a co-working space for the beneficiaries of the CREATURE project where women can share their know-how and competences, and organise courses and mentorship programmes. The “Lab-Fab” will support CREATURE’s beneficiaries in the development of professional projects and in the launch of their business ventures.

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