Rede Asta, Brazil

Rede Asta’s School of Artisans helps Brazilian artisans acquire tools and skills to better access the market and develop their economic potential.

In Brazil, social inequality, unemployment and social exclusion are rife. At the same time, the country has 8.5 million artisans, among which more than two thirds are women, and represent a compelling human capital with a great potential of economic growth.

However, the lack of networks that puts them together to produce, learn and commercialize their products prevents them to find access to specialized knowledge and spread their economic potential. Rede Asta has recognized in the artisanal sector an enormous opportunity to foster a more inclusive, collaborative and powerful economy, and developed a pioneering capacity building programme called School of Artisans (SoA) to help the strengthening and consolidation of this sector in Brazil. SoA is designed to be a comprehensive training programme focused on developing human, technical and managerial skills.

The two-year partnership with the Trafigura Foundation has enabled Rede Asta to digitalise part of its intervention model: it has developed an e-platform that offers online training and self-assessment tools to help artisans price products, deal with the administrative and planning tasks of running a business and comply with legal requirements in an appropriate manner. Rede Asta’s platform also works as a collaborative marketplace where the artisans can build a showroom to sell their products to retailers.

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