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Our programme with NESsT supports social enterprises to create dignified jobs and sustainable income for marginalized groups.

Our programme with NESsT supports social enterprises to create dignified jobs and sustainable income for marginalized groups.

(Programme concluded and no longer supported by the Trafigura Foundation)

Around the globe, vulnerable populations face numerous barriers to employment including social exclusion and discrimination, violence, distance from job centres or lack of preparedness for jobs. This often prevents them from leading quality lives and accessing fair and safe employment opportunities.

As part of our strategy focused on the creation of fair and sustainable employment, we are collaborating with NESsT to improve the livelihoods of communities facing barriers to employment, through tailored business support and financial capital to four growing social enterprises. Three of these social enterprises have already been supported in the frame of our partnership with NESsT in 2017 – 2018, leading to the creation of more than 150 employment opportunities.

A social enterprise that was in our portfolio until the end of 2019 deserves a special mention. Pedala is a social enterprise that trains and employs at-risk youth as bike messengers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It operates as a logistics company that uses bicycles to provide more sustainable e-commerce deliveries in key Brazilian metropolitan cities. In 2019, it was acquired by a Latin American e-commerce giant. This represents a huge for Pedala and proves the economic viability of its sustainable and inclusive business model. Learn more about Pedala's acquisition here.

The social enterprises currently in our portfolio are the following:
Sustainable Fishery Trade (SFT, Peru and Chile) trains small fishing communities to implement sustainable fishing practices and in turn, works to improve their livelihoods by connecting connects these disenfranchised suppliers to top restaurant and retail clients, thereby improving their livelihoods. Discover more about SFT’s impact on fishing communities by reading the story of Paco.

Consolidar Diversidade (Brazil) promotes the socio-economic inclusion of persons living with disabilities (PWDs). The social enterprise works on both sides of the equation: on the one hand, it seeks to educate corporations through an online training platform on labour inclusion topics. On the other hand, it also provides job placement services to PWDs, connecting them to career opportunities with Consolidar’s employment partners.

CIEDS (Brazil) is an organisation that helps at-risk and vulnerable youth from difficult backgrounds find valuable apprenticeships and plan their career path.

The project aims to scale-up these social enterprises while increasing their managerial and financial viability, in addition to multiplying their social impact and job creation prospects. NESsT will provide the enterprises with management coaching, technical support and access to tailored financing.


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