Initiative Développement, Togo

We started supporting Initiative Développement in Togo in 2008 and renewed our commitment in 2011 for a further three years.

Initiative Développement (ID), a Paris-based NGO, has been working with a health research and information centre in Togo (CRIPS-TOGO) since 2006, to combat HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Lomé and Noépé, Togo.

The centre looks after people living with HIV/AIDS and supplies them with medicine, psychosocial support and food. Access to antiretroviral drugs is free in the centre.

Since the beginning of the project more than 3,800 patients have been screened; almost 22,000 medical consultations have been performed, as well as 4,000 visits at home or hospital. Almost 3,000 psychological consultations have been arranged to help patients overcome anxiety, depression and other conditions linked to their illness, and more than 3,000 patients have attended support groups. To date more than 14,000 meals have been served to patients in need.

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929 patients followed
44 children monitored

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