Helpmesee, Angola, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Madagascar, Senegal, India, Myanmar

Since 2008 we have been partnering with HelpMeSee for the distribution of surgical kits in Africa and Asia

This project aims to make it possible for local surgeons to save or restore the sight of more than 38,000 children and adults in Africa and Myanmar. During 2014-2020, the organisation HelpMeSee expects to train 1,000 surgeons and deliver 4.9 to 5 million surgeries. HelpMeSee has developed a single-use, disposable surgical kit and 10,000 new kits were produced and distributed in the countries they operate in.

Owing to Trafigura Foundation’s assistance, HelpMeSee has expanded its campaign into 3 new countries – Madagascar, Gambia and Myanmar. There have been huge efforts to provide skills and training. In Madagascar, ophthalmologists were trained in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS). In Gambia, surgeons were given refresher training. In Myanmar, HelpMeSee provided training to hospital staff in eye care. Meanwhile, India saw the launch of a state-of-the-art cataract surgical facility in the town of Alibag, Maharashtra. The facility has performed surgeries with Trafigura Foundation’s financial support. In India, Madagascar, Myanmar and Gambia 130 Community Health Workers were trained on screening communities and recording patient information through apps.

(photo credit: Charlescannon)

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Key figures


surgeries completed in 2016


surgeons trained between 2014-2020

7,950 surgeries completed in 2016
1,000 surgeons trained between 2014-2020

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