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Fairfishing, Somaliland

FairFishing is developing a sustainable fishing industry in the Horn of Africa to create jobs and improve food security in the region.

FairFishing is developing a sustainable fishing industry in the Horn of Africa to create jobs and improve food security in the region.

(Programme concluded and no longer supported by the Trafigura Foundation)

Somaliland faces a long list of challenges that undermine the wellbeing of its population: food insecurity, poverty, internal conflicts, unemployment and migration.

The region has been disproportionally impacted by climate change, with frequent droughts that killed vast amounts of livestock, main generator of national revenue and source of food for the whole population. Moreover, it is estimated that 60-70% of the young population in the Horn of Africa is unemployed.

Since 2013, FairFishing, a non-profit international NGO, has been working to develop a sustainable and thriving fishery sector in Somaliland, an untapped economic resource for the country, which has the potential to generate food security, create new jobs and provide an alternative source of income to those who undertake the road of illegal activities.

With the support of the Trafigura Foundation, FairFishing is implementing a sustainable fishery programme in the region of Berbera, Hargeisa and Burco (Somaliland) and in Puntland. The organisation is laying the ground for a stable and systematic supply of fresh fish to mongers, restaurants and the main markets.

It also stimulates the demand for fish in local markets through two initiatives. Its “Fresh Fish on the Dish” initiative strengthens the quality and volume of fish on offer while the “Cool, Clean & Tasty” campaign, educates fishers, fish mongers, households and restaurant-owners about the benefits of eating fish and how best to conserve, clean and cook it.

FairFishing is also empowering Somaliland’s women and focusses on ensuring equal opportunities and accessibility within the fisheries' value chain. This is why the NGO created the "Female Fishmongers Association" and the "Fresh Fish on the Dish: Train the Trainer" initiative.

In 2021, the FairFishing team ran the Fresh Fish of the Week Campaign, which helped local communities better understand the risks of overfishing along the fish supply chain. Now, more than 50% of the population know the main five fish species living in Somali waters. The Fresh Fish for the New Generation training course worked with 110 students in Puntland, teaching them how fisheries work and how to cook nutritious and tasty fish dishes for their families.

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