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EFE launches a business model to create a responsive and fair labour market for Egyptian youth

Boasting the largest population of the Middle East North Africa (MENA) countries – 91.5 million in 2016 – Egypt has a wealth of human resources to advance its economic growth and development. In the face of rapid population growth, however, the country has struggled to integrate its younger and less experienced labour force into the market, leading to mass youth unemployment of up to 33%.

Our partner Education for Employment (EFE) strives to turn the tide against youth unemployment across the MENA region. With a consolidated experience in training and job placement in Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, EFE has learned that the problem lies in a staggering mismatch between what employers seek and what jobseekers can offer. While small and medium enterprises struggle to find qualified and professional entry-level employees, a thriving younger generation remains without employment prospects.

Now, in a 3-year partnership with the Trafigura Foundation, EFE is directly addressing this challenge. It aims to train 350 underprivileged, unemployed Egyptian youth and place them in career-building jobs.

EFE’s market-driven training and placement programme is supported by the creation of a new internal “Social Business Intelligence Unit” (SBIU) which facilitates the organisation, development and launch of its new business model.

The SBIU works to design customised training programmes adapted on the skills requested by the private sector and prices the added value of the service to help employers recruit and retain talented resources. This helps securing employers’ financial contributions to the training of unemployed youth. Furthermore, revenues generated by the partnership with the business sector helps EFE transition to a more sustainable and dynamic organisation with diversified sources of funding.

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