Eau & Vie, Multi-Country Reach

The Trafigura Foundation is supporting Eau et Vie to strengthen its resources and processes for an effective and impactful scaling-up of its innovative social entrepreneurship model.

By 2050, 75 per cent of the global population will live in urban areas, including 40 per cent in slums where water supply and adequate sanitation and hygiene measures are underdeveloped. French NGO Eau et Vie seeks to improve the living conditions of populations in precarious urban areas through a comprehensive approach based on water access, hygiene promotion, solid waste management, improved sanitation and civil security.

Active in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Cote d’Ivoire, Bulgaria and France, Eau et Vie has devised a sophisticated two-tiered model to provide essential services (water, sanitation, waste collection, fire-fighting and hygiene) in a sustainable manner. Locally managed social enterprises act as utilities and provide access to fresh water, sanitation, and waste management at a fair price.

In parallel, Eau et Vie runs non-profit organisations that reinforce community leadership and decision-making, organises hygiene workshops for children, train and manage a group of volunteer firefighters and educate the community about waste management.

A partner of the Trafigura Foundation since 2009, we are providing core funding to help Eau et Vie design and implement a new strategic roadmap and scale-up plan, of which a key objective is to attract impact investors.

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