Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana (CEPRODIH) helps at-risk expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy and postpartum, aiding them to define a life project that ensures a stable income for their families, while also offering them health and social support.

Unemployment, domestic violence, an unplanned pregnancy and single-parenthood can all conspire to undermine women’s independence and dignity. CEPRODIH’s mission is to offer a lifeline for vulnerable women who find themselves in difficult situations such as these.

We are helping CEPRODIH strengthen its “Por Venir” programme supporting pregnant women in vulnerable situations. The association offers a safe, welcoming environment where women live out their pregnancy, are accompanied post-birth with the support of dedicated staff and are encouraged to attend workshops on topics such as childbirth, lactation, nutrition and baby care.

CEPRODIH also supports women in planning a sustainable and dignified life project which will help improve their own life situation and that of their children. Women lacking education or training to access employment can enrol in CEPRODIH’s training programme covering various vocations such as serigraphy, cooking, cosmetology and entrepreneurship.

During the training, women receive a small stipend from CEPRODIH to cover their basic living expenses and transport to and from the training centre. They also benefit from free child care during training, with children being looked after in CEPRODIH’s child care centre, which will be renovated thanks to the Foundation’s funds.

Today, CEPRODIH is a key reference for women’s economic inclusion in Uruguay. Thanks to its outreach to vulnerable women at a decisive point in their lives, it is able to provide a safe space and support network for women and their children to grow, learn and take positive steps towards earning a stable income and leading a dignified life

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mothers or pregnant women in vulnerable situations supported


children given access to free childcare

120 mothers or pregnant women in vulnerable situations supported
112 children given access to free childcare

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