Bateau Genéve

The association for Bateau Genève offers a safe harbour to people in precarious conditions in Geneva. Necessary renovations works on the old ship that hosts the association provide exceptional opportunities to boost employability for underprivileged people in the Swiss city.

Bateau Genève is an historical boat moored on the shores of Lake Léman. It is also the headquarter of the homonymous Swiss association that offers support and guidance to migrants, refugees or people facing critical situations, such as homelessness, substance abuse, social exclusion and unemployment.

Each morning, circa 150 beneficiaries comes to “Bateau Genève” to receive free breakfast and benefit from the social, welcoming environment that reigns on board. During summer, the association runs the restaurant “La Buvette” to employ beneficiaries of social welfare to work as interns and fund the association's activities.

If the benefits that Bateau Genève offers are unquestionably useful, the space available on board is not anymore suitable to the good performance of the association’s daily activities. The heating, ventilation system and sanitation facilities are obsolete. Because of increase of beneficiaries frequenting the boat, the association faces major energy costs. This is why it was imperative for Bateau Genève to improve and optimise the boat’s infrastructure in line with current and future needs.

Since January 2018, the Trafigura Foundation is supporting Bateau Genève in the realisation of the “Project ECO”, a programme targeting the reduction of the ecological footprint of the boat, the revamping of its main areas opened to the public and the reinforcement of the whole structure.

The restoration works offer a great opportunity of socio-professional integration to the beneficiaries of the association. Trained and followed by professionals, 24 beneficiaries will carry out internships during the 3-year renovation works, improving their employability skills and increasing their financial sustainability. In 2018, Bateau Genève recruited 11 people to complete the renovation works.

Once the project will be concluded, not only the passengers of Bateau Genève will benefit from the revamped areas and efficiency of the structure; it will also improve the self-financing capacities of the association, thanks to the reduction of energy costs and the renovation of the areas dedicated to the summer restaurant.

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