AVPN, China

We are supporting the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) in its efforts to build a high impact philanthropy and social investment community in Greater China.

AVPN is a unique Pan-Asian funders’ network catalysing the movement toward a more strategic and collaborative approach to philanthropy and social investment. 

Its 390 members from 28 countries, in addition to a fruitful and ongoing collaboration with its global partner European Venture Philanthropy Network, allows AVPN to cut across private, public and social sectors to pool together stakeholders and resources to address key social challenges that Asia faces today and in the future.

The Trafigura Foundation is supporting AVPN to strengthen its footprint in Greater China and help the organisation become a key player to advance the development of the social sector in this region.

Pooling together various stakeholders such as foundations, corporations, universities, and government organisations, AVPN organises workshops, shares important information and researches about the social sector in Asia, and offers specific opportunities for investors and philanthropists to collaborate, with the ultimate goal of strengthening and expanding the ecosystem of active players involved in tackling root causes of poverty.

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