Aspromin, Spain

In the USA, a family with a child suffering from neurological disorders took an inspired decision to create a breakthrough wearable garment and offer improved functional therapy for their child. Known as the ‘TheraSuit’, this approach is now being used across the world and we are delighted to enable a Spanish association introduce this method.

In Huelva, Spain, the Trafigura Foundation has made a special donation to help a local children’s association introduce the TheraSuit method to local families. This pioneering physiotherapy treatment helps children with neurological conditions improve their mobility. The suit is made from a soft, comfortable material, yet is weighted, thus applying pressure around the body and joints. The weights send signals to the vestibular system, an area of the brain that processes and integrates information from our muscles, joints and tendons, and which influences the position of the body in space. Re-learning and regaining movement is essential to recovering from cerebral trauma and to helping with cerebral palsy, and this weighted suit, together with physiotherapy and intensive exercises, will help rehabilitate children. José Manuel Moreno, Director of Aspromin, a Spanish association that supports families and young children with intellectual disabilities, is introducing the TheraSuit method into Spain, partly supported by our Foundation. As yet, only a few clinics in Europe offer this programme, and the Huelva region will join just two other clinics, in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. 

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