Ashoka, Switzerland

The Trafigura Foundation is helping Ashoka create a network of ‘changemakers’ within Switzerland, establishing a community of people with the right skills and connections who can accelerate and strengthen the impact of social entrepreneurs in the country.

Just like Trafigura, Ashoka has bold aims, and we admire their ambitious and far-reaching objectives to instigate change in the world. At the core of the Ashoka association is a desire to “bring about a social revolution where everyone contributes to change for the good of all.” The organization does this by working in partnership with private, philanthropic and citizen sector players to achieve large-scale social innovation. As Ashoka turns its focus towards Switzerland, over three years, Trafigura Foundation will support Ashoka as they create a network of “changemakers”, leveraging a community of connected people who can help improve Switzerland’s dense but fragmented not-for-profit sector. Existing social ventures can apply to an upcoming call for projects, and, from a pool of around 60 applicants, 8-15 social entrepreneurs will be selected and supported with monitoring, coaching and mentoring. Although Switzerland has a strong foundation of social organisations, many are at an inflection point and need helping scaling up and gaining new momentum. This extra push, enabled by the changemaker network, will help fulfil Ashoka’s ambitions to “set in motion an irreversible movement toward a future where everyone realizes that they can become actors of change.”

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