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Médecins du Monde Greece provided emergency response to wildfires on the Greek Island of Evia.

In August 2021, unprecedented wildfires devastated the villages and natural ecosystem of the Greek island of Evia. Médecins du Monde Greece (MdM-Greece) activated an emergency response, reaching out to households that had been affected by the fire.

Working alongside other organisations, the group prioritised healthcare support for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, distributed COVID-19 personal protective equipment, raised awareness on health, safety and hygiene, and provided psycho-social support among those in need.

As other actors gradually intervened in the provision of health services, in order to avoid duplication of aids, MdM-Greece proceeded with the distribution of supermarket vouchers to poor families and households affected by the fires as well as to university students and their families.

The organisation also provided funds to restore Evia’s local enterprises such as beekeeping, shepherding, and other rural activities, as well as food supplies to struggling families.

Last update: 4 February 2022


Photos: © MdM-Greece

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