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Prepared Communities

The challenge 

Millions of people are affected every year by disasters. Marginalised communities are more vulnerable and exposed due to a lack of economic opportunities, inadequate basic services, deficient infrastructure, and living in unsafe areas.  There is growing recognition of the need for holistic approaches to disaster response, but investments in prevention continue to lag behind.  

Investing in disaster risk reduction saves lives and money. Local communities are uniquely positioned to identify immediate needs, coordinate preparations, supplement official response efforts, implement emergency response programs, and contribute to local decision-making for future events.  

Our response 

Disaster risk reduction 

We partner with global organisations and coalitions that promote risk assessments, community-based disaster preparedness, early warning systems, resilience-building activities, and nature-based solutions.  

Disaster response  

When disasters occur, we support organisations that offer timely and effective relief and recovery efforts, including efforts to restore infrastructure, livelihoods, and basic services. In those cases, we prioritise projects that address the immediate needs of affected communities while considering their long-term recovery and resilience-building.  

We prioritise community-centred and locally-led approaches that promote gender equality and foster social cohesion in the prevention, recovery, and rebuilding process. 


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