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Welcome to our series "Portraits" that pays a tribute to the impactful and often visionary work of the organisations we support.

Our "Portraits" tell the true stories of the beneficiaries our partners stand for. By presenting their lives, aspirations and challenges, we want to raise their voices so they can become an example and inspiration for social change.

Through these personal stories, we also aim at gathering momentum around the innovative solutions that our partners implement to restore the dignity of those they serve.

With our partners, we strive for concrete solutions and demonstrated impact: hopefully, these stories of success will make them more tangible for our readers.

If these values and efforts speak to you, read our stories and support our partners!

Diako the gardener

Fundación Don Bosco, Spain 

Violence and instability have been endemic in Mali since 2012. Without a favourable context where to find decent job opportunities, many young Malians like Diako are leaving their home country to seek a better future in Europe.

Diako arrived in Spain in August 2020, with a luggage full of hope… and obstacles to face.

At the beginning, integration was not easy for Diako. Adding to the many challenges of being a migrant in a foreign country, Diako was illiterate and had language difficulties. Luckily, he was accepted in one of Fundación Don Bosco’s shelter houses in Seville and was offered to participate in the Incorpora Jóven programme.

The programme helps high-risk youth discover their career pathways and break the cycle of social exclusion. Fundación Don Bosco offers a comprehensive learning journey that provides specific training in a sector or profession chosen by the participants, helping them find a first employment opportunity matching their ambitions and newly acquired skills.

In September 2021, Diako enrolled in a gardening training course, thanks to which he made incredible progresses in emotional management and Spanish. After the training, he started an internship in a gardening company, where he has been remarked for his responsible attitude, eagerness to learn and ability to adapt.

Diako’s determination and commitment paid off: in December 2021, he was hired by the gardening company. Today, Fundación Don Bosco still follows Diako’s progresses and will remain a point of reference for his emancipation and future career steps.

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