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Anouk Foundation’s frescos at the refugees’ Centre des Tattes

According to many psychological theories, colours have an impact on our behaviours, feelings and state of mind. This is why the work of the Anouk Foundation plays an important social role and its positive impact can be seized at first glance.

Created in 2008 in Geneva, the Anouk Foundation’s mission consists in brightening lives through the decoration of walls in hospitals, detention centres, homes for elderly, children’s homes and other institutions. The decoration of the Centre des Tattes in Geneva, the largest centre for refugees in Switzerland hosting 700 people from 60 different nationalities, has been one of its last inspiring works.

Colourful giant frescos representing the Swiss cantons are now surrounding the Centre’s courtyard. The Association AGORA is making the most of this new visual environment by teaching Switzerland’s geography to 150 migrant kids living in the Centre.

The Anouk Foundation has been financially helped by the Trafigura Foundation for the realisation of this project. However, another important support came from the people hosted at the Centre, who helped Anouk Foundation’s artists paint the walls and realise the frescos.

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