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Community care

As a corporate foundation, our work can only find its true meaning when it is interweaved with the company’s fabric and culture. More precisely, with the people of the company, as philanthropy must be a genuine people-to-people endeavour.

As our funding company's geographical footprint covers all the continents, we can leverage employees' knowledge of the different regions to identify the most urgent challenges. Hence, we fund projects that are endorsed by local staff or that are developed at our offices' doorsteps.

These are what we call "Community Care" programmes. They span from post-disaster relief operations that we support on an occasional basis, to programmes that contribute to the positive advancement of communities in countries where the Group has operations.
Please note that the Trafigura Foundation does not accept external project submissions for this focus area. 

Additionally, we dedicate time and resources to encourage the creation of Charity Committees in the Group’s offices and support staff-led philanthropic initiatives. Discover more about staff engagement and Charity Committees here

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