2019 activities 

TOUCH: helping the most vulnerable citizens

Trafigura office in Singapore elected TOUCH as its 2019-2020 Charity of the Year. TOUCH Community Services is a non-profit charity whose mission is to serve the needy and disadvantaged, and offers a wide range of community programmes for elderly people, families in need, youth and people living with disabilities.

The grant provided by the Foundation will enable TOUCH to strengthen its “Special Needs Group” programme, focused on helping people living with intellectual disabilities overcome their challenges and lead an independent life.

The Singapore Charity Committee is also supporting TOUCH’s activities through the organization of staff engagement initiatives and fundraising events.

In June 2019, 17 volunteers helped clean and refurbish the houses of senior Singaporean citizens living in precarious buildings. The beneficiaries were grateful for the renovation works and felt like living in new, comfortable houses where bright LED lightings, white fresh paints and new furniture radically  improved their quality of life.

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Singapore Charity Committee volunteering for TOUCH’s home renovation project

On November 2nd, Trafigura employees hosted a Family Day where children from TOUCH’s youth programme spent a festive moment with the local staff. During the day, they enjoyed the delicious food prepared by Dignity Kitchen, a charity that the Singapore office supported in 2018, and enjoyed a trip to Super Park Singapore.

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Family Day with TOUCH’s young beneficiaries

Community engagement’s initiatives

Throughout the year, the office has been organising other meaningful activities to connect local employees with the Singaporean community.

In September, colleagues from the local office and their spouses participated in the "We Care Garden Party @ Istana 2019", a bi-annual highpoint event hosted by the President of Singapore and organised by the People's Association. With the support of the Trafigura Foundation, the Singapore Charity Committee funded two buses that transported low-income families to the Presidential Residence where the People's Association prepared a garden party for the guests.

On August 4th some colleagues from the Singapore office participated in the Community Chest Heartstring Walk – an event organised by our partner Community Chest to bring together people from all parts of the community, partners, volunteers and social service users in a day of collective effort. 

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Community Chest Heartstring Walk 2019