Montevideo, Uruguay

Claves: stopping abuse and violence against children and teenagers

The Montevideo office has elected the project Claves, promoted by the organisation Juventud para Cristo, as its 2019-2020 Charity of the Year. Claves works to stop abuse and violence against children and adolescents by building community awareness among kids, families and school operators.

Our colleagues in Montevideo are not only supporting Claves with fundraising initiatives, but they also endorsing its mission by participating in the organisation of main awareness-raising events and campaigns.

For instance, in April the local office helped Claves prepare the material that the organisation will share in awareness-raising workshops over the year.

The Trafigura Foundation is backing the local office’s enthusiastic engagement with a dedicated grant that will help schools and institutions of limited means access Claves’ education programme.

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Montevideo Charity Committee volunteering to help Claves prepare teaching material for its workshops

Projects Supported


In 2017, the Youth and Sports Centre Quebracho was selected as Montevideo’s Charity of the Year. Working with low-income youths aged 12-19, Quebracho uses the discipline of sport to transmit values, ease the integration process of young people, and overcome social limits. For many kids, the concentration and engagement required by sport and training represent an alternative to a life of drugs and disorder. The staff engagement activities proposed by the Montevideo office were fundamental in helping Quebracho gain credibility and receive institutional recognition from the Uruguayan State. The government has now promised a plot of land to Quebracho to open a second school, upon the condition that the organisation finds the funds to build the new infrastructure.

“To help the organisation, we started with simple initiatives that eventually happened to be really successful,” says Veronica Olivella of the Montevideo Charity Committee. “In July, we organised a bake sale where we raised USD 1,900, an amount that allowed us to prepare and serve dinner for Quebracho’s kids. It was a funny and effective solution to get our employees involved with Quebracho’s beneficiaries. Then in September we organised a fundraising 10km run, with 50 people from the office and 47 Quebracho kids taking part. We raised around USD 7,000, which was doubled by the Trafigura Foundation. This was only possible thanks to the direct involvement of Montevideo’s employees and senior global staff, whose leadership helped gather momentum around the event.”
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The success of the run encouraged Quebracho to organise another event, a 5km run, around the underprivileged neighbourhood of Zonamerica. The goal was to get the local community involved and raise awareness of the living conditions in this urban area, not far from the technology park where the Trafigura offices are located.

A final inspiring event brought the 2017 collaboration between Quebracho and the Montevideo Charity Committee to a close. Sixty kids were invited to the Trafigura offices for a presentation by local employees, who explained how studying and determination helped them achieve a fulfilling career. Having listened to the stories, some kids sent their CVs to Trafigura and the local HRs are putting them in touch with local hiring companies who could possibly provide them with a first working experience while they are completing their studies.

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