Campana (Buenos Aires), Argentina

Campana Charity Committee in action

On May 2019, the Campana Charity Committee collected and donated 63 pairs of shoes and football equipment to Casa de Día Padre Aníbal, an institution where over 70 kids from underprivileged backgrounds attend afterschool programmes.

This initiative marks the beginning of the local committee’s activities, which is planning to support Casa de Día over the year.

Casa de Día Padre Aníbal is a non-profit association that provides academic support classes (from reading and writing support to detection and treatment of learning problems such as dyslexia, motor or visual disorders), music and IT classes. Since 2017, the institution also offers football training and clubs for boys and girls.

Casa de Día is an important point of reference for the local community: annually, the institution donates circa 650 bags of non-perishable food to families living in poverty; it offers 13,000 afternoon snacks to children who attend afterschool activities; and provides 6,000 community meals.

Families can also attend “productive entrepreneurship” workshops, where the Casa’s staff teaches to cultivate fruits and vegetables in the institution’s orchard, to produce jams and other products that families can sell. This is also an opportunity to teach kids the importance of fresh food for a healthy diet.

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Orchard at Casa de Dia Padre Anibal, Campana (Buenos Aires)