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In 2008, Trafigura created the Trafigura Foundation as a means of harnessing its employees’ inherent spirit of giving. Through a series of illuminating interviews and uplifting imagery, this 10th anniversary commemorative book celebrates the breakthroughs and accomplishments of a decade of philanthropy.

2018 is the 10th anniversary of the Trafigura Foundation.To mark this important milestone, we have created a book chronicling some of the most inspiring programmes that we have supported during our first decade of activity.

Since the outset, our approach to philanthropy has been aligned with our parent company’s values of respect for cultural diversity and commitment to equality of opportunity, regardless of race, gender, ability or economic circumstances. Our mission is to serve the most vulnerable communities in countries where Trafigura has operations, with the aim of driving positive and lasting transformational change for those who need it the most.

The establishment of the Trafigura Foundation in 2008 was a natural extension of those values and philosophy, as well as the reflection of an internal philanthropic activity of Trafigura employees, who from the company’s earliest days have given generously of their time to charitable causes.

We seize the opportunity of the publication of this book to express our gratitude to all those people, partner organisations, employees, Trafigura Foundation’s Board management and charity committees who contributed to the activities of the Trafigura Foundation in these last 10 years.

We hope you will enjoy the reading of our stories, which are just the tip of the iceberg of our past, present and future commitment to advance positive change.

Advancing change: inspirational stories from a decade of giving
Advancing change: inspirational stories from a decade of giving

Advancing change: inspirational stories from a decade of giving


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